Can Fleas Be On Humans?

Finding fleas on humans is more rare than finding fleas on pets. Cat and dog fleas are the most common fleas inside homes. However, these names are misleading, as each flea is happy to use any furry animal as its host. Fleas are adapted to the blood found in pets. Pet fur also provides fleas a place to hid as well as material to hold onto. Humans do not have much hair, and it is difficult for fleas to hang onto bare skin. There are a few species of flea that use humans as their host, but these are very uncommon in the home, and tend to be found on livestock. Cat and dog fleas are still known to bite human skin if the conditions are right, but this is different from being used as a host.

Fleas reproduce rapidly, and when a pet is overrun, fleas will begin looking for new places to find a blood meal. During heavy infestations it is not uncommon for humans to be bitten. This is most common on the ankles and legs, though fleas also prefer the hair on the arms as well as on the head. Flea bites can be painful and are often itchy. Being bitten by a flea does not mean you are being used as a host.

Controlling flea populations on your pet is the quickest way to stop fleas from biting humans. There are a variety of veterinarian and home remedy solutions available. Some chemicals can be applied to the neck of pets every month. This has proved very effective in avoiding flea infestations. To properly distinguish a flea bite from another bug bite, see our page here What does a flea bite look like?