Clothes Moth Traps

Clothes moth traps are small 3D paper glue traps that attract adult male clothes moths. These traps are great for placing in closets. Clothes moth traps are infused with pheromones from clothes moths and are a powerful attractant to these specific moths. Other flying insects, including different species of moths, may wander into the trap, but only clothes moths may be directly attracted to the trap.

Clothes moth traps are inexpensive, and are an effective method of control. Mothballs were the protection of choice before these traps. But mothballs leave an undesirable odor on clothes, and do not actually kill the moths. The pheromones that are infused into clothes moth traps are odor free, and the traps capture and kill moths. If adult moths are allowed to reproduce, they can quickly multiply inside of a house and cause considerable damage. Clothes moth traps greatly reduce moth reproduction by killing adult male moths.

A single clothes moth trap provides enough protection for an entire closet, and only a maximum of two traps should be used on the same floor. More traps would emit too many pheromones and confuse the moths. When installing clothes moth traps, hang the trap from the ceiling and keep it at about eye-level. Since these traps only attract adult male clothes moths, use them along with an aerosol moth spray. Clothes moths cause damage to fabrics while in the larvae stage, so be sure to spray fabrics and crevices with an aerosol spray that is capable of killing eggs.

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