Moth Repellent

Natural moth repellents have been popular for several years.  People quickly grow tired of the odor from mothballs, and begin searching for natural ways to keep moths out of their closets and away from their clothes.  A quick Internet search can reveal hundreds of proposed natural methods, but the following are the most effective.

Lavender is the most popular natural moth repellent.  Dried lavender can be hung inside closets and other enclosed spaces.  Recently, companies have begun extracting pure lavender oil.  This produces a very strong scent that can be absorbed in cotton balls and placed inside closets.

Mint is another natural moth repellent.  The scent of dried mint leaves or cotton balls soaked in mint oil can keep moths away from closets.  The scent of cedar wood has also proven effective as a natural moth repellent.  If your closets are not made of cedar wood, you can purchase individual planks or wood chips.  The scent of the wood diminishes with time; so light sanding or application of cedar oil can keep this moth repellent effective for an extended period of time.  Place the planks of wood or chips in your closet to protect your fabrics from the destructive activities of moths.

Other popular moth repellents include strong smelling substances such as peppermint, rosemary, cinnamon sticks, and eucalyptus.  Try these natural moth repellents to find which one works best for your moth infestation.