How to get rid of slugs

Slugs are soft, gray insects that can be as long as four inches. A typical length is 1.5 inches. Gardens with lots of leaves and grass may have slug problems as the insects need a lot of moisture to stay alive.

Slugs in gardens may be eliminated by using Metaldehyde or Mesurol in the bait formula. These products can usually be found at garden stores, or stores with a garden center. The products may be labeled as bait for slugs and snails. Instructions on the package should be followed.

Slugs can also be managed by removing their places of refuge. Throw away boards that are rotting or any trash in the garden. Anything left on the ground blocks in moisture, thus enhancing the conditions for slugs to breed. Gardeners should also stay on top of weeding and mowing the lawn, paying special attention to keeping the grass short around the garden. Leaves should also be removed from the garden. Air circulation can help keep the soil dry.

There are other ways to eliminate slugs from a garden area. One such way is to take canning lids, small pans, or tableware and sink them about half an inch into the ground every three to four feet. Then fill the containers with beer. This may entice—and subsequently drown—slugs. The containers, of course, would need to be filled again after each rain.

It’s also possible to eliminate slugs by collecting them by hand. The best time to do this is first thing in the morning or as soon as it gets dark at night. It’s also possible to trap them by placing boards between rows in the garden and then gathering the slugs the next morning.