Slug Traps

Slugs pose a real problem to your garden.  Slug traps provide a way for you to get even with these elusive beasts (“slug” them)!  Traps containing beer are popular and very effective; however, there are other, non-alcoholic slug traps if you would rather not sponsor their drinking party.

A slug trap can be made using a beer can or shallow plastic container.  Simply bury the container up to the rim.  Then partially fill the inside of the container with beer or a fermenting liquid (something containing sugar, yeast, and water).  The slugs will be drawn to the smell, fall inside, and drown.  For best results, replace the beer or liquid every few days.

Another trap for slugs can be made by placing a hollowed-out fruit rind (such as a cantaloupe or grapefruit) on the ground upside down.  The slugs will naturally congregate towards the decomposing rind and seek shelter underneath from the sunshine.  After a day or two, dispose of the slug-infested rind in the garbage along with the slugs.

Finally, there are commercial slug baits on the market.  These are the slug baits most often used by professional pest control companies. These baits contain molluscicide pellets which kill slugs on contact.  However, the chemicals in the pellets are harmful to pets, so be careful where you place the bait, and always remember to follow the label when applying slug bait.