Tick Tubes

It’s possible to get rid of the majority of ticks in your yard. Here’s how: tick tubes. A tick tube is a device used to kill ticks. It is a cardboard tube containing cotton balls drenched in permethrin, a pesticide that can effectively exterminate ticks. Tick tubes can be placed outside, and mice take and use the cotton balls for comfortable bedding. The pesticide then proceeds to kill off all the ticks within the bedding who are feeding on the mice. Tubes are placed in areas where mice would dwell—gardens, wood piles or under sheds.

It’s important that ticks die at early stages since they can carry diseases such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and anaplasmosis, among others. Because ticks feed on mice, the infected mice can infect ticks, which can then infect humans and pets. Tick tubes help to stop this progression. Of course not all mice have diseases; however, to be safe, it is best to kill ticks early on when they feed on animals, before they feed on humans and pets.

While tick tubes may be placed in yards by homeowners, it is a job best left to experts who are properly trained. The experts can dig around in the yard and find the areas where mice dwell, which is often also the same place that snakes may be lurking. The professionals can determine how many tick tubes are needed in a yard based on the amount of space appropriate for mice to dwell and the best locations to place them.

Tick tubes are environmentally friendly, as they are made of cardboard and cotton, and eliminate ticks by 90 percent. This is done without the release of pesticides.