Tick Tweezers

If you find a tick on you, don’t fret! There is a safe, effective way to remove it. Ticks can be removed with special tick tweezers—or a fine-tipped pair of tweezers. It must be a fine-tipped pair. Neither alcohol nor any other ointments should be applied to the tick before attempting to remove it.

One should use the pair of tick tweezers to clutch the tick as close to the skin as possible. It is best to try to grab the tick as close to the mouthparts as possible; if the head or body is grabbed, there is a risk of squeezing the salivary glands and guts, therefore pushing more viral or bacterial organisms into your skin. Once the tick is securely within the tick tweezers, pull straight up, slowly and steadily. The tick should not be twisted as this could cause part of the tick to break off and stay within the skin. (If this occurs, remove the remaining tick parts with the tick tweezers. If unable to remove any leftover parts, it is best to not tamper with the parts and to allow the skin to heal.) Once the tick has been removed, the affected area, as well as your hands, should be thoroughly cleaned with soap and water or rubbing alcohol. An iodine scrub may also be used.

The idea is to remove the tick as safely and as quickly as possible once it has latched onto the skin. Therefore, one should not wait for the tick to detach itself. Legendary remedies such as using heat to remove the tick or applying nail polish to the tick do not work. Once the tick has been properly removed using an appropriate pair of tick tweezers, one should consider getting tested for possible infection.