What do Rollie Pollies Eat?

What do Rollie Pollies (Rolly Pollies) Eat?

Turns out rollie pollies (sometimes spelled rolly pollies) aren’t overly picky eaters. Rollie pollies, also called pillbugs, could survive mostly on soft, decaying matter, like grass and leaves, and still live between two and five years. They can also safely eat fish food, fresh vegetables, and even crumpled-up cardboard. See what I mean about not being picky?

feed your follie pollies fish food

But that’s not all. Rollies pollies munch on scat, including their own, and decaying matter, like flesh. Rollie pollies need copper to live, and each time the bugs defecate, they lose a little of it—hence the recycling process. This practice is called coprophagy. They have also been known to eat mulch. They tend to make their homes in wooded areas, particularly where there are plenty of damp leaves and other decaying vegetation, where food can easily be found. They can also be found living in piles of compost and areas containing mulch.

Rollie Pollies Eating Habits Aid in Decomposition

Rollie pollies are (like some beetles) also decomposers: They consume material from dead plants and animals and return essential nutrients back into the earth. They are considered beneficial decomposers because of this ability. However, they don’t always prefer to eat dead materials. Sometimes they’ll eat ripe fruit or vegetables that are in contact with soil. When plant growth is slow-moving during times of cooler temperatures, rollie pollies’ hunger may take over, and they may harm the lush roots or stems of certain plants found in the garden. This damage-causing behavior, however, seldom occurs. To some home dwellers’ dismay, some rollie polllies may make their way into buildings. This is especially true when vegetation runs alongside the house. Wet soil, due to poor drainage or other conditions, is also an invitation for rollie pollies to enter a house.

Lester Ehler, an entomology professor at the University of California, found that rollie pollies also eat the eggs of stink bugs. Stink bugs are known to cause crop damage; therefore, the rollie pollie may be considered an asset in insect control. According to Wayne Mathis, a retired entomologist from the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C., some stink bugs are predatory and are also used in biocontrol of other insects. So between stink bugs and then rollie pollies, much insect control is occurring.

What Do Rollie Pollies Eat if Kept as a Pet?

If taken in as a pet, the rollie pollie might enjoy a wider array of foods. A petowner could fatten up the bug with fresh fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, lettuce or even apples skins. The bugs can also eat the skin of zucchinis and potatoes. Oatmeal is also an edible option for them. Crumpled egg cartons, in addition to cardboard, are also safe for them to eat, as long as there is no print on the material. Water is their beverage of choice. The bugs’ food can be spread out within their habitat once a week. If the rollie pollie is a pet, it’s important to remember that any of their uneaten food should be removed from their habitat before the food gets moldy.

With a menu like that, it’s no wonder rollie pollies survive as long as they do!

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    • Alan
    • July 9, 2013

    Thanks soooooooooo munch!( much).

    Alan . Age 8.

    • me
    • June 12, 2013

    i have 98 rollie pollies and they LOVE orange peels and make sure to keep the habitat moist or else they will die

    • Christina
    • June 8, 2013

    Cool beans I never thought about what they ate or even as a pet being a mother is awesome all the wonderful things I keep learning cause of my children I daughter love any bug or animal hope it pays off I see a vet in her future. Thanks

  86. Reply

    i hate bugs but i love pillbugs.it is so intresting learing what pillbugs can eat like crumbled up egg cartons

  87. Reply

    thanks so much now i can feed my little cousins pillbugs.

    • Light nijia 97
    • April 30, 2013

    Wow this is really useful me and a few friends have 20 of those little munchers

    • cindi
    • April 29, 2013

    I haave 2 rolly pollies. THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!!!!

    • macey
    • April 17, 2013

    thanks allot! I had to find rollie pollies in my school garden for terreriuams. I found a few but only kept one! so now we for every where.

    • ariel
    • April 7, 2013

    omg! i have a rollie pollie hotel i made with my friend…. we have atleast 50! thx now we know what to feed them!

    • Alexa
    • February 17, 2013

    Ilike rolly pollies. I had one but it was killed. I now Know what to feed him so he won’t be killed to.

  88. Reply

    what still comfused

    • carson and rain
    • September 20, 2012

    yay we can feed are 14 rollie pollies thx so much !!! <3

    • trizano family
    • September 16, 2012

    Thank you so much our sons are so happy they know what to feed them now they can keep them thank you so much very helpful information

    • Abigail
    • September 15, 2012

    Hi I am Abigail. I love rollie pollies. They are my favorite. My rollie pollies name is Jenna.

    • Mom of 7
    • September 13, 2012

    Thank you so much. My son had to collect some pillbugs for a science project, and was worried what to feed them.

    • leigh motes
    • September 9, 2012

    Hi I am leigh I have 30 rollie pollies thx to u thry should live fof a long time

    • leigh motes
    • September 9, 2012

    Hi I am leigh I have 30 rollie pollies and I real hope I have them 4 a long time:)

    • leigh motes
    • September 9, 2012

    I have 35 rollie pollies and thx to u they will live for a long long long time.

    • tess
    • August 28, 2012

    I found this rollie pollie just now! I think I could find some other ones…bye!

    • Anna
    • July 18, 2012

    cool, thanks! There’s a TON of rolly pollies in our compost bin-thing in our backyard. Do you think we could put in cardboard and egg cartons?

    • DANIEL
    • July 17, 2012


    • Jenna
    • July 15, 2012

    I have 2 Rollie pollies.

    • Jenn
    • July 12, 2012

    Thanks for the info. I started a rollie pollie farm and they are doing well. One even had babies. =^_^=

    • Craig
    • July 8, 2012

    I can’t wait to fatten these little buggers up! I’m going to enjoy them fried and dipped in chocolate. Nothing like a sweet crispy ROLLY POLLIE!!!

    • jonathan
    • June 29, 2012

    Thanks for the info.I fed my rolly pollie oatmeal & apple skin

    • niza
    • June 20, 2012

    more peoples should keep rolly pollies as pets

    • niza
    • June 20, 2012

    Thx I just found a rolly pollie in my room!Now i can take care of it.Now tat I know wat they eat!

  89. Reply

    i have a rolly pw were to get the food noolies and i dont

    • AJ
    • June 16, 2012

    My daughter is ecstatic! Now she can feed her 4 rollies cortectly! Thanks so much for the info!

    • saketa
    • June 12, 2012

    who in the heck is going to keep a rollie pollie as a pet..lol..lol

      • rosi
      • March 4, 2013

      i would

      • emmie
      • June 29, 2012

      I wuold. :)

  90. Reply

    i got a ropy poly and I fed it some spinach, thx for the info

    • Helen
    • June 7, 2012

    Since I have 2 rollie pollies living with me I now what they shold eat I have casidy and Stevie

  91. Reply

    I didnt know that they ate apple skins thanks!

    • chloe
    • June 2, 2012

    Thanks now I can feed mine

    Ps his name is green :p

    • eduardo
    • May 22, 2012

    Thnxz very helpful now i could feed my!!:-)

  92. Reply

    i finally know what to feed them now my other one won`t die like my other one did

    • matt
    • May 4, 2012

    thank you so much now i can feed mine! c(^.^c)

  93. Wow I never knew Rollie pollies eat fish food.

      • madison
      • August 3, 2012

      thank you so much

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