Mosquito Net

A mosquito net, sometimes referred to as a malaria net, can greatly reduce the risk of malaria.  Mosquito nets are mesh fabrics that have holes too small for mosquitoes to penetrate.  Mosquito netting can be bought in the dimensions to fit a bet, or purchased by the yard for custom fitting.  Different sizes of mesh are available.  Mesh that has smaller holes is more costly, but can keep out smaller insects such as gnats.  Bed nets are easy to install.  Screw a hook into the ceiling directly over the bed.  Bed nets connect to the hook, and are designed to hang all the way to the floor, completely covering the bed.

Anti-malarial drugs are very expensive compared to the cost of a mosquito net.  Several non-profit organizations donate millions of mosquito nets to Africa every year.  There is no current vaccine for malaria, and mosquito nets are the most cost-effective forms of malaria prevention.

Several mosquito nets come treated with insecticides.  This discourages bugs from even approaching the net.  Bed nets can last up to 4 years, providing prolonged protection.  A mosquito net can also be very useful for people who participate in outdoor activities.  Large netting is available that covers openings in gazebos.  Lately, mosquito hats have been a popular product.  These are wide-brimmed hats that have mosquito nets hanging off the edges, effectively protecting the head and neck from mosquitoes.