Mosquito Netting by the Yard

Mosquitoes are a nuisance both indoors and outside. These small insects can inhabit an entire yard and search out humans for a blood meal. Mosquitoes are a common disturbance at picnics and patio barbecues. There are many repellents available commercially, but these can become tiresome to reapply for every outdoor event. Mosquito netting by the yard is a great alternative that can protect patios and homes from mosquito invasions. Mosquito netting is sold by the yard and customized to fit all shapes and sizes of patios, windows, and other areas. Homeowners can effectively keep mosquitoes away from porches and gazebos by building a customized mosquito net.

Mosquito netting for yards is sold in all shapes, sizes, qualities and colors. Measure the areas you want to cover so you know how much netting to order. Netting varies depending on the amount of holes per square inch in the fabric. Fewer holes per square inch means that the holes are bigger, allowing gnats and other small insects to pass through. Fabric with at least 200 holes per square inch can keep mosquitoes out, while fabric with at least 600 holes per square inch can also keep out gnats.

Other quality factors to consider include durability and breathability. Cheap mosquito netting can tear easily, making it vulnerable to gusts of wind. Airflow is best with netting that has fewer, larger holes. This means that netting that keeps out gnats may also keep out air. Finally, color can be chosen to best match the surroundings of the patio, porch, window, or other areas you are trying to protect. Costs vary between quality of fabric, number of holes, and breathability.