Mosquito Yard Treatment

When mosquitoes infest a yard they present more than just a nuisance. Not only are mosquito bites painful, they have the ability to transmit disease. Mosquitoes reproduce rapidly and once established, they can be difficult to eradicate. Mosquito yard treatments target different stages of a mosquito’s life cycle.

Mosquitoes require water to lay eggs and mature. An effective mosquito yard treatment will include the use of larvacides applied to standing water and damp areas can kill non-mature mosquitoes. These can be applied without the help of a pest control company. Larvacides may be purchased in brick forms that dissolve in water, or small granules that can be spread through wet foliage and soil. Larvacides are effective because most mosquitoes do not travel a great distance in their lives. If the majority of larvae are destroyed, then a dramatic reduction of adult mosquitoes will occur. Check the label of the larvacide, as some pose health risks to drinking water, while others do not. Removal of standing water is another effective way to discourage mosquito reproduction in the yard.

Homeowners can perform a mosquito yard treatment on their own. Chemical sprays that kill adult mosquitoes are available for homeowners. These are applied to the yard with simple hand-held sprayers. Apply the spray to thick foliage, tall grass, and shady, moist areas. The residue of the spray will kill mosquitoes when they land in treated areas to rest. In dry areas the spray should be applied about every three weeks. However, the spray should be applied more often in areas where the residue is washed away, due to frequent storms or watering.

Misting is the mosquito yard treatment plan most commonly recommended by pest control companies. Misting machines spray an aerosol form of insecticide into the air, effectively killing all flying insects. There are now small misting machines for homeowners that can be installed throughout the yard. These machines release the aerosol insecticide on a timed scheduled, much like a sprinkler system.