Scorpion Control

Scorpion Control – Pest Control for Scorpions

Scorpions may come into the home to seek out shade. In areas with a known scorpion population, preventative measures may be beneficial. Check windows and doors are secure and look for openings in walls where these insects might creep in. Inexpensive screening that can be bought from hardware stores can be installed to help prevent their entrance into homes and buildings.

Always keep trees and bushes well maintained and ensure that boughs do not lean up against the home. Grass should be kept trim and woodpiles and leaves should be limited, as both provide desirable nesting grounds for scorpions.

Some professional pest control products are specifically labeled for and designed to control or kill scorpions such as Demand CS. Directions should be precisely followed and caution used when applying chemicals around the home. If these measures are not successful, professional extermination may be considered.

  • Locate the source of the problem: These creatures will nest, so applying insecticides or pesticides at the root of the problem will help with efficiency. Using a flashlight may be helpful.
  • Pay particular attention to areas that small children and pets use: These creatures are not often known to kill, but their stings can be a very unpleasant experience and are far more likely to have severe effects on smaller members of the family.
  • Bait stations and sticky traps: Most scorpions are not drawn to bait. Scorpions hunt live prey and therefore will not be tricked into ingesting poisonous baits. However, sticky traps can be especially useful in trapping a scorpion on its way through the crack of a door seal or other ground level opening.