What Do Scorpions Eat

If you’ve ever wondered what do scorpions eat?, here’s your answer. Scorpions tend to eat what’s convenient, even if what is convenient is their own species. Scorpions in the wild eat other insects and spiders, but will resort to eating fellow scorpions. Scorpions eat animals that they find close by, and female scorpions have been known to eat their own offspring. They even devour larger prey; some varieties can seek out and eat small lizards. Some even prey on mice or birds.

Most of their distinctive features play a role in helping them to eat. Their pincers, for example, are used to capture and squish their prey. The stinger is then used to paralyze their victims with venom. The scorpion is then able to effortlessly eat its prey. Sometimes scorpions are able to defeat their pray without the use of their venom.

Scorpions need water. They can survive for months at a time without food, but still need water during this time. They will seek it out when it’s close by—getting it from small bodies of water such as puddles, streams, and small pools.

Scorpions kept as pets can obtain their water from water-soaked cotton. Pet owners should feed their scorpions at night as this is when they are most active. This is also when they are most likely to eat the food that the pet owner provides. They can be fed every other night.

Most scorpions don’t have a regular eating routine. A good diet for a scorpion is one or two crickets every other day. Crickets are available at most pet stores. Crickets, which are fed live, can be stored in a plastic container. Some may escape; this is to be expected. “Tame” crickets can be purchased if available, which are less likely to jump and try to escape. About a dozen crickets can be purchased at a time, which will provide an ample food supply for a week or two.

Because the crickets need to be kept alive too, it’s a good idea to keep cricket food in the cricket tank. Their food can be stored in empty egg crates. Cricket food can be found at most pet stores. In lieu of cricket food, crickets can be fed sliced fruit or vegetables or even crumpled up dog food.

Alternative foods for a pet scorpion include mealworms and moths, which can be found at most pet stores. It is recommended that pet owners not feed their scorpion random bugs found around the house. This is because their diet is unknown, and it’s possible that they would not provide the scorpion with enough nutrients.