Scorpions in the Home

Scorpions can be found in homes, particularly in bathrooms, kitchens, and other places where there is a water supply. Scorpions tend to move into cooler parts of the house as temperatures rise during the summer. Scorpions can sting when stepped on or disturbed. The stings can be treated at home except in the case of young children and elderly. The stings can be especially dangerous for them, so medical treatment should be sought immediately.

The best way to rid scorpions from your home is to block off any entry ways into the home by sealing cracks around windows and doors and around the foundation of the home. The inside of the home should also be both spider web- and cockroach-free. If there are many scorpions inside the home, the best thing to do is use a pest control company to treat the home. They will know how to properly treat the area with the right equipment and chemicals. If chemical control is necessary, insecticides should be applied to cracks both in and outside the house, to baseboards, and beneath furniture. The garage, attic, and crawl space may also need to be treated. Areas meeting the soil such as siding and foundation also need treatment. The insecticides should be applied thoroughly. Dust insecticide formulas should be used in attics, crawl spaces and voids in walls. Insecticide treatments for outdoors will deter additional scorpions from entering the home. In addition, eliminating lumber, bricks, and stacks of firewood from outside the home reduce the number of scorpions in the home.