Getting rid of silverfish

While silverfish are not harmful, they can damage clothing, books and magazines. It can be challenging to get rid of them—but it is possible!

First of all, silverfish prefer to live in damp places such as basements and closets—essentially areas that are damp and have a cool-to-warm temperature.

The best way to prevent a silverfish infestation is to keep your home clean. To get rid of them, it’s best to eliminate moisture in your home and get rid of food that is sitting out. Don’t let water build up on the floors in your bathrooms, wipe up water behind sinks, and turn on your air conditioner to lower the humidity level. Any leaking faucets should be repaired. Paper and fabrics should be stored in containers that are airtight so that silverfish won’t eat them. To kill silverfish, spray them with soap and water, then wipe them up.

It’s also a good idea to cover cracks in your house with silicone caulk to prevent silverfish from entering the home. Humidifiers are also a good idea in the house since silverfish can’t survive in dry environments. Vacuum crevices with a vacuum tip to pick up the silverfish.

Sometimes an insecticide may be necessary to eliminate them from a home. Residual insecticides can be sprayed around the foundation of the house. Cyzmic CS and Cyper WP are good ones to try.

Silverfish Paks are good to use as well. The packets can be put in the back of curtains, underneath rugs, in closets, and in places that are dark and hidden. They should be kept away from pets and kids.