Silverfish Control

Silverfish Control – Pest Control for Silverfish

Once a silverfish population has established itself, pest control can be a challenge. A combination of sanitation, dehumidifying and chemical treatments can be applied within the home. Try lighting dark rooms or areas with bright, direct light to make the environment less desirable. Silverfish are nocturnal and are active when it’s dark. If this desirable feature is eliminated from the home, these insects may vacate the area on their own.

Silverfish prefer areas where sanitation is not well maintained. They will eat dead insects and thrive in wet, damp areas. If there is evidence of a silverfish infestation within the home, a thorough cleaning should be administered, especially in the darker, hard-to-reach areas where they thrive. These creatures can reproduce at astonishing rates, so it is essential to act fast.

They can commonly be found living behind washing machines or in bookshelves among papers and books. Humidifiers and good air circulation is also recommended to reduce moisture. Fixing leaky faucets or dripping pipes is also a necessity. Areas that have been submerged or damp should be adequately dried.

If these options don’t work, products designed for eliminating silverfish can be purchased. These treatment products may also be marketed to help control firebrats. Because these creatures are known to live in crevices and in hard-to-reach places, it is important to make sure and move heavy items, ensuring a thorough application. Instructions should always be read carefully and followed. Repeat applications can be performed as necessary.