Silverfish Infestation

Silverfish are flat, wingless and 1/2 inch in length at adulthood. While these silverfish do not bite or sting humans, they can become a nuisance when present in large numbers. A silverfish infestation usually requires an insecticidal spray treatment. Baits such as Dekko have also proven effective in combating a silverfish infestation.

Silverfish hide in dark and moist cracks and crevices. Underneath the kitchen sink and around plumbing pipes are prime silverfish infestation locations. They can also be found behind bookshelves and furniture pieces. Silverfish feed on starchy food sources such as books, wallpaper and cereals. These pests may also feed on fabric after it has been starched.

Eliminating a silverfish infestation often requires an integrated approach including pesticide treatment of baiting as well as reducing the amount of moisture inside a the home. Be sure to fix any leaking pipes and caulk all gaps in your home’s foundation where silverfish and other insects can enter while in search of food and water. Keep all pantry foods in tightly sealed containers, especially cereal, oatmeal and flour. Demand CS is a very effective product labeled to exterminate a silverfish infestation. Be sure to treat all crevices and cracks where silverfish may be hiding. Boric acid is effective silverfish bait when placed in shallow containers where insects hide. Placing a light dusting of boric acid in cracks around base boards and underneath kitchen sinks may also help keep these insects under control.