Wasp Control

Wasp Control – Pest Control Wasp

Wasp nests that are visible but not near a home or other area of human activity do not need to be treated because these wasps will have little or no contact with humans. Nests near human activity, however, do pose a threat and should be eradicated. Wasp control is done by killing any wasps in the nest, then removing the nest. Read a complete in-depth guide on Wasp Control.

Wasp Control Steps

  • Wasp Identification: First a professional will positively identify the wasp species to make sure they employ the proper measures of getting rid of the nest.
  • Insecticide: Wasp control is best done during late evening or at night while the colony is inactive. An insecticide is applied to the entrance of the nest. Aerosols or dusts are most commonly used (Sevin or Ficam are popular) and will usually eliminate the wasp problem upon first application. A re-application may be administered if wasps remain present around the nest.
  • Removal of the nest: After applying the insecticide, a professional will wait until most of the wasps are dead, and then remove the wasp nest. Wearing proper apparel, the professional usually uses a bag to cover the nest, secures the opening of the bag and disposes of the nest properly.