Wasp Extermination

Wasps are found in many parts of the United States and can become a nuisance when present in large numbers. Wasps are most active during the late summer months, when they are actively searching for food. Small infestations of wasps do not usually require extermination, as the upcoming cold winter weather kills them. However, if large numbers of wasps are present, you may need to use insecticides labeled for wasp extermination.

You may find wasps living in colonies around your home. Colonies can contain just a few dozen wasps or they may contain hundreds of these insects. Wasps living in colonies are known as social wasps and produce a painful sting if disturbed or threatened. Paper wasps are commonly seen underneath building overhangs and eaves. Wasps are slender and brown in color with yellow markings. Certain species of wasps are more dangerous than others. Yellow-jackets often live in large colonies and sting quickly when disturbed. Yellow-jackets make their nests in dark areas of homes, such as crawl spaces or enclosed areas.

Eliminating all possible nesting sites is an important aspect of wasp control. Sealing openings of playground equipment, grills and other areas outdoors where wasps may construct their nest will reduce infestations. Most wasp extermination products can be applied from long-range by pressurized aerosol. Products containing permethrin are often effective in controlling wasps. Eliminating all sources of open food and water is another important aspect of wasp control. Keep pet food sealed and eliminate areas where rain water may collect to reduce infestations.