Yellow Jacket Nest

Yellow jacket nests are concealed underground or in cavities, such as a wall or bush. They are constructed of wood fiber the size of a football or soccer-ball and are completely enclosed except for a small entrance. Yellow jackets can be aggressive if they are provoked. They will mark their aggressors and will pursue.

If a yellow jacket nest is constructed in summer or early fall, it is usually appropriate to leave it alone. Yellow jackets begin to die off naturally with the coming of rainy season. If the yellow jacket nest is in an area where children play or where there is a lot of human activity, there are a few options to get rid of the nest or to discourage the yellow jackets from remaining in the area.

To divert the yellow jackets, bungee down trash cans. Keep pet food stored and covered. Also, move bird feeders to a less trafficked location.

Options to get rid of the yellow jacket nest

Cover the yellow jacket nest – If the nest is underground, use a ceramic or glass bowl to cover the entrance. Yellow jackets cannot dig so they will suffocate and die within a few days.

Treat the yellow jacket nest yourself – Wait until nightfall. They are less active and move slower. Cover in protective clothing, head to foot. Take boiling soap and water, an insecticide specifically labeled for yellow jackets, or just plain soapy water. Pour directly into the opening of the yellow jacket nest. Take a few shovelfuls of dirt and tap it down over the opening, trapping the yellow jackets to die.

Call a Pest Control Company – Of course you can contact a local pest control company. They will use a protective suit and treat the yellow jacket nest with a powerful chemical insecticide to kill the yellow jackets nest.