Pigeon Deterrents

There are a few ways to deter pigeons from landing in specific areas. One method is pigeon spikes. They are successful in preventing birds from landing because they create an uneven platform where it is impossible for them to land. Therefore, they never actually come in contact with the spikes. Essentially, spikes make an area an uncomfortable dwelling place for pigeons, which will cause them to seek out a more ideal spot to land and roost.

Pigeon spikes consist of long, pointy rods. The spikes may be attached to ledges, pipes, roofs, balconies, or any desirable landing area. They may even be used in gardens to deter pigeons from disturbing the area. Pigeon spikes are easy to install and can be purchased in different widths to work with the surface area that needs to be covered.

Another option for deterring birds is PiGNX Bird Repellent, which can be applied where pigeons congregate and reproduce. The product can be used indoors or out and on multiple surfaces. The product works because capsaicin, its active ingredient, irritates nerve-endings. The birds feel the same uncomfortable feeling that people feel when eating hot chili peppers or rubbing the peppers on their skin. Capsaicin repels pests and is safe and easy to apply and clean.

Another company sells a mix of products—all considered humane and effective—to help with bird problems. The purpose of these products is to prevent birds from landing and dwelling in certain areas. The products include Bird Wire, Bird Spider, Bird Slope, Bird Gel, Solar Bird Repeller, Vinyl Strip Doors, and Bird Repeller 360°. The products may be used in commercial and residential areas.