Pesky Pigeon Problems

Pesky Pigeon Pests

Merely hoping they’ll fly the coop isn’t going to fix your pigeon problem.  These “junk” birds can create quite a nuisance.  Pigeons live in urban areas because there are relatively few predators and a constant supply of food, so pigeons can quickly become a large flock and an annoying presence.  Pigeon poop can spread common pigeon diseases, attracts rodents, blocks gutters, and corrodes structures.  Here are a few ideas to shoo pigeons away.

  1. Pigeon Exclusion Methods
    1. Spikes:  Pigeon spikes on rooftops, eaves, and tops of signs make it nearly impossible for pigeons to land on a structure.
    2. Nets:  Nets blocking rooftops or eave hangovers also make landing spots inaccessible.
    3. Bird Slope:  Sloped panels attached to eaves, rooftops, and gutters make landing more of a slip-n-slide ordeal.
    4. Visuals
      1. Decoys:  Scare the birds away with 3-D decoys that look just like their predators; effective decoys for pigeons may include owls and hawks.
      2. Metallic Teasers:  Iridescent, shiny metals confuse and temporarily blind birds.
      3. Sonic Devices:  There are some effective products on the market that emit a high-pitched, panicked bird call which warns birds to flee the area.

Above all, do not feed the birds (like the Mary Poppins song suggests). Feeding pigeons will make things much worse and could also create a rodent problem.  It’s best to eliminate the food source and kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.