Pigeon Repellent

There are a few common ways to repel pigeons. One of them is to use sticky foot gel. This, together with displacement wire, thrusts birds from walls out into the clear view of predators. The gel should be used in small amounts and never where pigeons may nest in the valley of tiles. Sticky foot is more of a temporary fix to determine if the birds will move to another area on the same rooftop, to see if fewer birds will congregate, or to see if they will just all leave.

Hot foot is another option for repelling pigeons. It works because it is sticky, not because it burns or irritates. After a bird steps in the gel, it feels like its foot is stuck, which it obviously doesn’t like. The pigeon then warns the other pigeons, who flee from the area that is treated. The proper depth of bead must be applied and retained in order for the gel to be effective.

PiGNX is another humane and effective way to keep away pigeons, as well as swallows, woodpeckers and other birds. The product can be applied where pigeons congregate and reproduce. The product can be used indoors or out and on multiple surfaces. PiGNX is effective because capsaicin, its active ingredient, irritates nerve-endings. The birds feel the same uncomfortable feeling that people feel when eating hot chili peppers or rubbing the peppers on their skin. Capsaicin repels pests and is safe and easy to apply and clean. For more information, see www.domyownpestcontrol.com/pignx-bird-repellent-p-1899.html.