Pigeon Spikes

When it comes to getting rid of pigeons, there’s an easy way. Pigeon spikes are just that—spikes. While it sounds like they may hurt the birds, the spikes actually inflict no harm or injury to pigeons and are considered perfectly humane. The spikes prevent the pests from sitting on your property without getting hurt. Pigeon spikes are successful in preventing birds from landing in a certain area because they create an uneven platform where it is impossible for them to land. Therefore, they never actually come in contact with the spikes. Essentially, spikes turn an area into an uncomfortable dwelling place for pigeons. They will then seek out a more ideal spot to land and roost.

Pigeons sitting on or around the home are a common complaint by homeowners. The birds can wake up and disturb home residents in the wee hours of the morning with their loud sounds. They may also leave their mark—pigeon droppings—for residents to clean up. Pigeon spikes help keep the pigeons away. In addition to pigeons, spikes are best used to keep away larger birds such as the crow, vulture, and seagull.

Pigeon spikes consist of long, pointy rods. The spikes may be attached to ledges, pipes, roofs, balconies, or any desirable landing area. They may even be used in gardens to deter pigeons from disturbing the area. Pigeon spikes come in stainless steel and hard plastic. Stainless steel pigeon spikes are usually twice as expensive as plastic pigeon spikes. Both are very effective and last many years.

Pigeon spikes are easy to install and can be purchased in different widths to work with the surface area that needs to be covered.