Orange Oil Termite Treatment

Termite treatments can be expensive and invasive. Termite tenting requires homes to be evacuated for days. Property owners have been searching for botanical solutions to termites in order to avoid the dangers of pesticides. One of these solutions is an orange oil termite treatment. Orange oil is extracted from orange peelings and contains the chemical D-limonene. This chemical kills termites by dissolving their exoskeleton.

Orange oil termite treatments may be effective against localized drywood termite infestations. Obtain a thorough inspection to determine the extent of the infestation. Orange oil should be considered only if the infestation is confined to accessible beams of wood. A hole is drilled in order to access the termite tunnels in a wooden structure. Orange oil is then injected into the tunnels and kills the termites it touches.

While an orange oil termite treatment can be effective as a spot treatment, it is not the treatment of choice for large infestations. Termites are known to penetrate homes and inhabit inaccessible areas. An orange oil treatment only kills the termites that can be located during an inspection. Termites also inhabit dry wall, carpet, and anything else made of cellulose, making them difficult to treat with orange oil. Orange oil does not leave a lasting residue, so termites can quickly return to treated areas. Research into orange oil as an insecticide is still ongoing, but so far it compares favorably with other injected insecticides. Many consumers choose an orange oil termite treatment over traditional methods because it is viewed as an organic approach to insecticide.