Termite Tenting Cost

When choosing a company to perform termite tent fumigation, take into account any other pest control services you may need.  Pest control companies may be willing to give you a discount if you require different treatments.  For example, if your home also requires termite repairs, preventative sprayings, and other services, then it might be worth it to find a company that offers all of these services, and ask for a bundled discount.

The cost of termite tenting varies depending on the number of cubic feet that is treated.  This allows fumigation companies to charge for the volume of gas used.  When fumigating a property, the entire home is covered and filled with gas.  This includes the basement, deck, and garage.

When calculating costs, the company will look at the square feet of the house, and then take into account the height of the ceilings.  On average, the cost of fumigation is between $1-2 per square foot.  This varies depending on the height of the structure, in order to compensate for a greater volume of gas used.  This means a 2,000 square foot home could cost between one to two thousand dollars.  However, vaulted ceilings require more gas, which will increase the cost per square foot.  Several termite control companies offer free estimates for tenting your home.  Remember, tenting does not protect your home from future infestations.  Termite control companies often include preventative treatments along with the cost of tenting your home.  Weigh your options, shop around, and choose the plan that best fits your situation.