Termidor Termite Treatment

Termidor termite treatment is considered the best termiticide in the country. It works in a couple of different ways. First, it can work as a preventative. The treatment serves as a protection around the home as it prevents termites from reentering the house. Second, if a house has been infested with termites, the poison will stick to the body of the worker termite. The poison is then brought back to the colony and kills off the whole colony.

The termites are clueless that they are about to encounter the treatment as they cannot smell it, see it, or feel it. They have no idea it’s coming or that it’s poison; therefore, they will injest it and then share it with the others. Even if the termite workers don’t eat the poison, the poison will still work its way onto the termite’s body and they take it back to the others, unknowingly.

Here’s how the termiticide works. It is pumped into holes that are drilled into the soil’s foundation. The holes are drilled around the perimeter of a house and through floors inside the house if the pests are found indoors. The treatment is completely safe for both humans and pets.

While anyone can purchase Termidor termite treaments, it must be used only by professionals who are licensed in pest control. It would be applied by him or her around the perimeter of the house to provide a continual area of treatment. The product is also safe for the environment. It can be used both for eliminating termite problems and for preventing further issues with them.