Termite Treatment Cost

How much does a termite treatment cost? Termite infestations are a serious threat to homeowners.  Termite treatments can be costly, but can save the structure of a home.  The cost of treatments varies between companies.  This is because there are differences in quality, treatment plans, and size of home.  A termite inspection is the first step to eradicating an infestation.  The cost of a termite inspection ranges from free to $500.  Many companies inspect for free in hopes that they will be hired to perform the treatment services.  It is important to order multiple inspections from different companies.  Don’t assume that all inspections are created equal.  Costlier inspections will often expose more, including the extent of the infestation, incurred damage, and site of entry into the home.  Inspection reports will also include treatment plans and estimated cost of the proposed termite treatment.

Subterranean termites are treated with chemical or bait plans.  Chemical treatments can be used to kill termites and provide a barrier between a colony and the home. This requires a large volume of chemical that is injected deep into the ground around the perimeter of the home.  The number of linear feet of the property is used to determine the termite treatment cost.  A typical 1,250 square foot home with 150 linear feet will cost $1,300 – $2,500.  The higher range relates to homes with slab foundations, which are harder to treat.  Bait systems are more expensive and cost roughly $1-2 per square foot.  A 1,250 square foot home will begin around $1,450.

Drywood termites colonize in the structure of the home.  The most effective way to eradicate drywood termites is fumigation tenting.  This involves filling the home with gas and allowing it to penetrate into the wood.  Tenting for termites is expensive and is charged per cubic foot.  On average, a 2,500 square foot home fumigation termite treatment costs $2,400 – $4,000.  This will vary depending on the height of the ceilings.

The cost of termite damage depends on where the damage has taken place.  If the structure of the home has been compromised, the costs may be as high as the worth of the home.  The homeowner or a professional can easily repair superficial damage.