Bed Bug Control

Bed Bug Control – Bed Bug Pest Control

Elimination of bed bug populations is best left to professional exterminators, due to the fact that these crawlers are ultra-resilient. The most effective means of annihilating an infestation is by fumigation. This method ensures that not only will all of the bed bugs be poisoned, but the bed bug eggs will be killed as well.

The need to exterminate can be reduced if preventative measures are taken in the beginning stages of infestation. The following tips are a great resource in avoiding infestation in your home or office, and while the list won’t guarantee against bed bug infestations, it will significantly lower the risk.

    • Do not purchase used furniture. Purchasing furniture from someone that you do not know increases the risk of obtaining bed bugs. Furniture is a common dwelling place for these creatures, and they will move when the furniture is moved.
Bed Bugs on Mattress
Bed Bugs on Mattress
  • Do not pick up any discarded furniture. Often, those who have bed bugs get rid of their furniture or mattresses. If as little as two of these insects are still alive when you bring infested items into your home, you will soon have a bed bug population out of control.
  • Be cautious in hotels. Set your bag up off of the floor, utilizing baggage racks.
  • High temperatures can sanitize clothing: Upon returning home from travel, immediately wash and dry all of your clothing on the hot cycle to kill any bed bugs that you may have picked up along the way.