Bed Bugs Under Skin

Bugs Under Skin

The feeling of bugs crawling under the skin can be very disconcerting. Patients complain of movement, itchiness, and even visual accounts of bugs under skin. Patients wonder whether they are worms, mites, or other bugs that are burrowing into their skin. It can be difficult to persuade others that you have bugs under your skin, due to the small size of parasites, lack of visible symptoms, and the possibility of delusory parasitosis. It is important to note that bed bugs do not burrow into or under skin. If you believe you have bugs under your skin, it is not a bed bug infestation.

Dermatologists are trained to recognize parasites that may be under the skin. These parasites include chagas, hookworms, and schistosomiasis. If the physician finds evidence of a parasite, a sample may be sent to an entomologist for identification. This can help the physician prescribe a treatment plan. Untreated parasites can cause severe health problems, including death. Do not to let a parasitic infection go unchecked, as this could become a very serious health problem.

If a physician cannot find any evidence of a parasitic infection, it is possible that you are suffering from delusory parasitosis. This is a condition that mimics the symptoms of having bugs under skin. It may be difficult to believe that your symptoms are a product of the imagination, but remember that people with delusory parasitosis report seeing the bug, and have severe discomfort to the perceived insect infection. Often this may result in itching, causing open wounds, and sometimes relief through pain medication. Delusory parasitosis is an anxiety disorder brought on by stress. Seek a professional counselor to find ways to lower the amount of stress you experience.