Do Bed Bugs live in Carpet?

Bed Bugs in Carpet

Bed bugs are difficult to find. They are small and tend to congregate in hiding places during the day. These hiding places tend to be close to feeding locations. For most bed bug infestations, this means they hide in the bedroom. Bed bugs prefer to stay in areas with crevices that are out of reach of the light. Wall to wall carpeting offers a very convenient hiding location for bed bugs. This is especially true if there is furniture or boxes pressed up against the wall. Bed bugs can hide in the crevices between the carpet and the wall or baseboard, as well as underneath the carpet. In the night, bed bugs can leave their hiding places in the carpet, crawl up bed stands, and feed on their hosts. Bed bugs in carpet are most common in areas behind beds and sofas.

Bed bugs in carpet pose some unique challenges to pest control operators. The carpet cannot simply be thrown in a dryer on a hot cycle, nor can it easily be thrown out. Organic methods of eradicating bed bugs in carpet include intensive vacuuming with a wand, spot freezing, excessive heating, and steamers. However, none of these methods prevents new bed bugs from infesting the carpet.

Insecticides are a common and effective method of bed bug treatment. A professional can place insecticide in the cracks between the carpet and the wall, killing any bed bugs present. This also leaves a residue that can deter and kill future infestations.