Bed Bug Bites

Flea bites

10 Most Common Bug Bites

There are many different types of bugs that bite. The most common bug bites are bed bug bites.  Here are the 10 most common types of bug bites.

1.    Bed bugs require blood meals, and humans are their preferred host.
2.    Mosquito bites are most common around stagnant bodies of water.
3.    Fleas prefer pets as their hosts.  However, fleas will switch to human blood if their pet host is removed for a period of time.
4.    Ant bites feel like a small pinch and are not dangerous but can be an itchy annoyance.
5.    Bee stings are usually not as common because the bee usually has to be provoked to sting. Bee stings can be mistaken for bites.
6.    Dust mites don’t actually bite but people suspect mites when in fact they have bed bugs.
7.    Spiders bite when they are trapped between skin and clothing or bedding.
8.    Ticks suck human blood and may remain lodged in the skin for days.
9.    Wasps most often sting when their nest is provoked. Wasps stings can be mistaken for a bug bite.
10.  Scorpion stings are often mistaken for spider bites.

Bed bugs bites
If you believe you have bedbugs, you should call a professional bed bug exterminator.