Cricket Control

Cricket Control – Pest Control for Crickets

Crickets inhabit most outdoor areas, and while some people enjoy their songs of the evening, these tunes can drive others to complete distraction. These choirs of crickets can be avoided by making the outdoor yard or landscaping less desirable for the insects. They are naturally attracted to bright lights, so reducing any outdoor lighting will make the area less desirable to these serenading creatures. As an alternative, low-level “bug lights” can be purchased at home and garden stores. Keeping any grasses around residences trimmed and tended will also reduce the environmental appeal.

Crickets in the home are easily prevented. Any cracks allowing the insects entrance should be sealed, especially around door, windows and dryer vents. Screens can be placed over openings that cannot be sealed. Alternatively, cricket bait can be purchased at a home and garden store. It should be sprinkled around the outside of a residence as directed on the label, and instructions should always be read and followed accordingly. Certain types of cricket baits may be used indoors, but following instructions on these products is imperative as many are not suitable around small children and household pets.

An alternative green method to baiting is sticky tape. This can be an effective means of pest control for crickets, and any insects trapped in this manner can be easily destroyed or flushed down the toilet. Crickets found within the home can be vacuumed as discovered.