How do I Get Rid of Crickets in my house?

Crickets commonly invade homes during the fall months.  Learning how to get rid of crickets in the house is the first step toward having a pest-free home. Buildings offer a source of warmth and protection from the elements.  These insects can range in color from black to light brown.  They enter homes through poorly sealed doors and cracks around windows, pipes, and the foundation.  Cricket eggs take a year to hatch, making it difficult to detect an ongoing infestation.

Crickets can be very damaging to a home.  They destroy fabrics including silk, cotton, furniture, and wallpaper.  If crickets make it into the pantry they can chew through plastic and cardboard to gain access to food.  There are several accounts of people finding small crickets in their morning cereal!  A single cricket chirping in a home is extremely loud and can interrupt sleep.  Ignoring crickets in the home can lead to serious damage to clothes, furniture, and food.

To remove crickets from the house, begin by eliminating dark and damp spaces.  Clean up clutter, mop up standing water, and use a dehumidifier.  Crickets are large, making them easy to kill or capture.  Sticky glue traps have proved effective against crickets.  Cricket traps are available, and can keep crickets from entering the home when placed on windowsills and other entry points.  Indoor insecticides and bug sprays are effective at killing crickets.  Apply these chemicals in cracks, corners, and other areas known for cricket activity.  To prevent the return of crickets, plug up any cracks that lead into the house from the outside.  Crickets are attracted to bright lights during the night.  Replacing outdoor light bulbs with soft light or bug bulbs will reduce the amount of crickets that enter your home.