Do Crickets Bite?

Many people wonder, do crickets bite, and if so, do they bite humans?  Several species of crickets outside of the US are known to deliver multiple stinging bites.  But it is a common question among online forums whether crickets found in the US can do the same.  While it is very rare, certain crickets in the United States can and do bite humans.

Crickets are omnivorous and have two multi-purpose jaws.  These jaws are capable of chewing holes through cardboard, clothes, and upholstered furniture.  They also eat other dead and dying insects, including their own kind.  However, crickets are not aggressive. For more information on the eating habits of crickets go here- What do crickets eat?

Crickets bite out of self-defense, and often their jaws are not powerful enough to break the surface of human skin.  However, their bites have been reported to be more painful than expected.  Owners of pet tarantulas or lizards use crickets as pet food and sometimes hold crickets when placing them in the pet habitat. To avoid being bitten when holding a cricket, make sure your hands leave a hollow space inside that allows the cricket to move around.  Do not pinch the head parts.  If, on the rare occasion, a cricket bites a human, use a cream that contains bacitracin or other antibacterial chemical to sanitize the bite area.  This reduces the risk of secondary infection.  Crickets do not deliver venom, and are not known to transmit any kind of disease.