Are There Crickets in Your house?

Crickets are most commonly noticed near the end of the summer months and into the fall.  Most crickets’ eggs are laid in the fall months with each female laying around 150-400 eggs.  These will hatch in the spring and reach maturity in just a few months.  People often don’t notice crickets in the house until they have entered a house.  The sun beats down on them during the hot summer months and drives the cricket into cooler areas where food and moister can be found.  A house is able to provide all of these essentials.  They can enter through cracks and crevices in the foundation of the house.  Crickets enter windows that are not closed, doors that are not properly sealed or even the garage door.  Usually crickets cause complaints when the homeowner begins to hear the bothersome chirping noise crickets make.  They do this mostly during the nighttime hours.  They can be even a greater nuisance when they begin to feed and damage the indoors of a house.  Crickets feed on many items that are readily found indoors.  Crickets eat dead insects, fruits, seeds, and scrap debris. They chew on fabric, paper, wool, and linen.

How to Get Rid of Crickets in the House

Once you have found crickets in the house, they will not leave without proper pest control application.  Pest control product should be purchased and applied to all door wedges, window seals, and plumbing penetrations.  All baseboards in the home, behind all appliances, and bathrooms need to be treated.  Within seven to fourteen days the signs of crickets and all noises should cease.  After a treatment, the only crickets that can be found in your house will be on their backside.