Humane Mouse Trap

A severe mice infestation in a home can cause considerable damage. Mice can shred paper items, ruin woodwork, and even chew through electrical wires. Some mice chew through bags of sugar or dog food spreading the contents on the floor. Mice leave droppings as the scurry about and can even carry and transmit disease. Most homeowners know that when one mouse appears, there are most certainly more to follow. There are many effective methods of controlling mice, including traps and baits. One less commonly used trap (but no less effective) is the humane mouse trap. Checkout the following reasons why a humane mouse trap is a good alternative to its more traditional counterpart.

First, humane mouse traps allows a homeowner to capture a mouse and release it back into the wild without harming it. Also, by utilizing a humane mouse trap, a homeowner does not have to come in direct contact with a mouse. He or she simply travels to another location and releases the mouse from the humane trap. The mouse is removed from the home and still free to roam in a new habitat. Make sure when re-locating mice to introduce them into a field far enough away that they cannot re-infest the same structure.

Homeowners who use a humane mouse trap appreciate the fact that there is no mess left behind. A traditional mouse trap crushes a mouse leaving the owner with a mess to clean up. With a humane mouse trap, a homeowner does not have to pick up and discard the remains of a dead mouse inside a kitchen cabinet or coat closet.

Finally, a traditional mouse trap sometimes snaps without capturing a mouse. Traditional mouse traps can be triggered prematurely even by a light-weight object. A mouse trap that snaps without a mouse in it is not serving its purpose. A humane mouse trap captures a mouse with efficiency by allowing the mouse one-way access to the trap. The mouse inside is trapped and cannot escape, yet remains live and well. Anyone who is looking for an easier, cleaner alternative to a traditional mouse trap may want to use a humane mouse trap.