Mouse Traps

Trapping mice is the preferred method of control for small mice infestations.  There are several kinds of mouse traps available on the market.  The cost of mouse traps and the method of disposal are important factors to consider when purchasing traps.

Wooden snap traps are extremely effective and inexpensive.  These mouse traps snap on the mouse’s neck, often killing it instantly.  The trap should be baited with peanut butter, chocolate, dry fruit, bacon, or any form of dry carbohydrates.  Mouse traps should be baited, but not set on the first round.  This allows the mice to become confident around the traps.  After the mice have had a free meal, bait the mouse traps again and set the trigger mechanisms.  Place mouse traps on popular mouse runways.  These are often near walls and behind large objects.  Runways are marked with feces and tracks.  Place the trap perpendicular to the wall, with the baited trigger facing the wall.  Because of the low cost of these traps, they can be thrown away with the mouse.

Glue traps are baited and placed on popular mouse runways.  These mouse traps are also inexpensive.  The glue sticks to the feet of the mouse.  This does not kill the mouse instantly.  Instead, the mouse dies of dehydration or starvation.

Live mouse traps can catch multiple mice, and are considered the most humane trap.  These are boxes that contain bait on the inside.  Once the mouse has entered the trap, it is unable to escape.  The mice may then be taken to a field away from the infestation and released.  These traps should also be placed on mouse runways, with the opening facing the runway.  Some live traps have a light that turns on once a mouse is caught, signaling the owner to release the mouse before it dies of starvation.  Live traps are slightly more expensive than snap traps, and must be cleaned routinely.

Electronic devices are also similar to live mouse traps, except they electrocute the mouse when it enters.  Some of these devices are cheap enough to be disposed of along with the mouse.  This means you can dispose of the mouse without ever having to see the body.