Killing Moles

How to Kill a Mole

Even some pest control technicians don’t know how to kill a mole. Killing moles requires an understanding of moles’ food source and how the burrow. Moles burrow in tunnels beneath the soil in search of grubs. These tunnels may cause significant damage to lawns and gardens. If left alone, a mole will continue to inhabit a lawn as long as it can find food. There are a number of ways to kill a mole if it becomes a nuisance. Traps and baits are the most common ways to kill moles.

There are three main kinds of mole traps: the choker loop, harpoon, and scissor jawed traps. The method in which these traps kill moles differs, but each type of trap is set up in the same manner. Bell Labs traps and the Victor mole trap are very effective traps used by professionals. To set a trap, first find a fresh surface tunnel. These tunnels are shallow and make ridges in the lawn. Dig out a small portion of the area until you have found the tunnel. Refill this area with packed dirt, and then set the trap directly over it with the trigger-pan on the packed dirt. The mole will try to dig out the tunnel blockage you have created. As the mole moves through the tunnel, it pushes the soil up with it’s back. This movement springs the trap, which punches through the soil and kills the mole. The carcass may then be disposed.

Moles do not feed on grain so killing moles with most rodent baits is not possible. Effective mole bait is in the shape of an earthworm; which is their preferred meal. These fake worms are infused with the poison bromethalin. Place the bait in surface tunnels. Foam baits also exist, and are applied into surface tunnels with a syringe.