Victor Mole Trap

Victor mole traps are effective methods of control that don’t rely on chemicals or bait.  Moles cause significant damage to lawns by tunneling.  Surface tunnels are shallow tunnels that moles dig in order to find food.  They are visible above the ground as ridges of earth.  Victor mole traps target moles inside of surface tunnels.

The Victor® Out O’Sight® Mole Trap is based off of the generic scissor-jawed mole traps.  This trap has two sets of iron jaws.  Collapse a small segment of a mole’s surface tunnel to place this trap.  Push the Victor mole trap all the way into the ground so that the open jaws surround the collapsed portion of dirt.  Moles prefer to keep their surface tunnels open.  When the mole attempts to reopen the tunnel, this should spring the trap and the jaws will close around them.  The Victor mole trap is strong enough to work in all types of soil, but is designed especially for sandy soil.

The Victor® Plunger Style Mole Trap also targets a mole surface tunnel.  These traps sit above the surface of the ground and use spring-loaded spears.  To set the trap, collapse a small portion of a surface tunnel.  Set the trap above the collapsed section, and make sure that the pan of the trap is resting on the soil of the collapsed soil.  When the mole tries to open the tunnel, it’s back should push up against the trap, causing the spring-loaded spears to puncture the soil.  Both of these Victor mole traps have proven to be very successful in removing moles from a yard.