Mouse in the Wall

Noises in the wall, holes in baseboards, and droppings on the kitchen floor all are signs of a mouse in the wall. This infestation can lead to serious problems including health problems and structural damage; but if proper measures are taken early mice infestations can be stopped.

Diagnosing Mice Infestation

Diagnosing a mice infestation requires more evidence than just the sound of rattling in the wall. This can be caused by other pests. Other signs include droppings on the floor, holes in the wall, mouse tracks and gnaw marks. Mice are known for their constant chewing and their nests are usually made of fibrous material they have shredded. Mice also can be identified by their musky odor.

Preventing infestation

The best way to prevent a mice infestation is to keep mice from entering your home. Mice can enter holes as small as a dime, and they often use wiring and plumbing holes to enter a home. Therefore, the best mice defense is sealing up these entryways and other access points. Mouse traps are effective in clearing out present mice: Snap traps are effective but leave a mess; glue traps are less messy, but more inhumane as they do not immediately kill mice.   A humane mouse trap can be used for controlling mice without killing them. These traps should be placed near walls, behind objects and anywhere droppings are found. Poisonous baits are effective but they leave dead mice in the wall which can leave an odor. Poisons can also be dangerous to pets and children if left in an unsecured area. Bait stations that secure and lock allow mice in while keeping pets out.

Safety Concerns

Mice infestations present numerous safety concerns, including health concerns and property damage issues. Mice carry disease and dangerous parasites such as mites, tapeworms and ringworms, and a bite from a mouse, or contact with its bodily fluids can transmit illnesses whose symptoms include rash, heart illnesses, or flu. Property damage includes damage to wiring and structures as mice must continually chew to keep their teeth worn down.